A manual for addicts to break with fast fashion

In this manual we explain how a fast fashion addiction works, how you can change your habits and what you can do to become the prowd owner of a sustainable closet.

Discover what type of shopper you are and receive loads of tips and tricks about where you CAN shop in the coolest vintage shops around the Netherlands.

The 12 step plan to recovery are attainable for every fast fashion junkie

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The Good Fashion Friend Team

Good Fashion Friend

We are Gaspard, Fako and Fransje and we have founded the online platform and app Good Fashion Friend in 2020. GFF helps local vintage shops in Rotterdam to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Our handbook is the closure of the project with which we share our attained knowledge with you.


Milica – our fan of the first hour
"It explains clearly how an addiction arises and the psychology behind it. Great tips about your shopping behavior."

Marlous – our very first customer
"I like my wardrobe to consist of 90% vintage and prefer to buy local. Through GFF I got to know three new shops that I never heard of in Rotterdam."

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